Joint Enterprise Bill Project Ambassador

Hafsa Arif

As a Joint Enterprise Bill Project Ambassador I will be tasked with assisting the JEB Lawyer Charlotte Henry in the coordination and promotion of JENGbA. This cohort of Ambassadors is directed to assist JENGbA (Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association) with their Joint Enterprise Bill Project (“JEB”). The bill was drafted by Charlotte May Henry, a trainee Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer at Tuckers Solicitors. The JEB Project aims to pass a Private Members Bill through Parliament which contains an amendment to the Criminal Appeal Act 1968. This amendment will remove the statutory time limit of 28 days to appeal in cases where there has been an application of law now declared erroneous, and where the applicant is said to be suffering the ill-effects of the law. I lead the Legal Excellence team of JENGbA ambassadors and am also part of the JENGbA promotion team.

Joint Enterprise Bill Project Ambassador

Second Ambassador

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